sciReptor Database

sciReptor uses a relational database as backend to store and access data.

sciReptor schema

Entity-relationship-diagram of sciReptor schema

Practical database organization

It is highly recommended to use a separate instance of MariaDB that is dedicated to sciReptor usage. In general, it is assumed that users follow this hierarchy:

  • Database: One per study, which can encompass multiple Experiments

  • Experiment: A single matrix or a slice of it

  • Run: The raw data of an individual sequencing library

A newly created Database can be named at the users discretion, however the following prefixes should not be used:

  • library_: This is used internally for the reference library databases

  • scireptor_: Used for sciReptor internal information and study-level metadata

For performance reasons it is further advisable, that larger studies that contain dozend of Experiments should be split into multiple Databases.